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Human Design: The Person You Were Born to Be

Burry Foss

For the last forty years Dr. W. Burry Foss has specialized in the application of results-oriented management techniques to help transform business operations and accelerate the quality and productivity of information technology and other business processes.

Human Design System Human Design is a self-awareness and life strategy system discovered in 1987 and extended in 2006. It is a synthesis of ancient traditions that describe a person’s inherent characteristics and consciousness. It is based on imprints before and at the time of birth and is genetic in nature. It has been proven to be an accurate description of basic human behavior and is used to understand how to live your life according to your design Type. The value of human design includes:.

Human Design: The Person You Were Born to Be

  • The fact that parts of a person’s character are included in the genetic makeup. The characteristics identified in Human Design are not to be considered as bad or wrong – they are merely something to be taken into account in living one’s life.
  • Principles to live successfully without stress – including in many people the need to be asked before undertaking a significant activity or recognized when they master something.
  • Understanding life cycles and emotional swings that are in some designs and how to live successfully with these changes.
  • Why people find happiness and compatibility in relationships with other people because they complete each other’s designs.
  • Taking advantage of the wisdom acquired in open centers.
  • Understanding how conditioning affects individual behavior in people such as the ability or lack of ability to express themselves.
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